Import Participants

Previously this item comes under Administrator > Import Participants option.


Import participant is a bulk import process to directly add participants from csv file.

Steps for Import Participant:

  1. To download the document format for participant import you need to click on download button.

  1. Modify the document for import participant:

  • First row is the header of the column require participant data to import and below that are the already imported participants.

  • On document DISPLAY_NAME and [REGION_ID or REGION_NAME] are mandatory fields.

  • If you want to update existing participant details then specify USER_ID or DISPLAY_NAME.

  • REGION (Particiant will see only the surveys for which region they are associated with.)you can specify REGION_NAME or REGION_ID.

  • Column IS_ACTIVE (Enables the participant to see and participate in surveys) : The value can be “TRUE” or “FALSE”

  • After that following are the optional details such as PRIMARY_CONTACT, PRIMARY_EMAIL and other participant field details.

  • Save the file with CSV(Comma delimited) format.

  1. Click on Browse and select modified csv file and click on import button.