Create your own table definition for the feedback report.

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  1. Introduction
  1. How to add fields in tables and use those fields in document?
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  1. Add Tables
  1. Table add and edit rows and columns definition


If you need to put a table in your feedback reports. This page will help you create the table definition i.e. the number of rows you need in table and the columns which is linked with report field. Thus a same type of table but with participant specifies data on each participant’s feedback report. We think this is powerful if your feedback reports have lot of tables.


  1. You need table type created from backend to match the layout and color scheme with feedback report. (write us to
  2. A generated report needs to be linked to the feedback report, to which this table definition is linked.

Add Tables


  1. Title : Enter the title/name of the table.
  2. Table type : Select the table type from the dropdown list. (If you do not find the table type, write us to
  3. Sort order : Provide numbering to sequence the tables list in feedback report page.
  4. Create : Click on create button to create table.
  5. Cancel : Click on cancel button to cancel the creation of table.

Table add and edit rows and columns definition


  1. ADD : Click on add button to add table rows.
  2. Legend : Specify the name or legend of the row.
  3. Sort : It decides the sequence of row that appears on feedback report.
  4. Delete Click on delete button to delete particular row of table.
  5. Save : Click on save button to save particular table row.
  6. Data/field : Fill the name of the report field name linked to the feedback report.
  7. Condition : Optional field to specify the extra condition.(Currently not working)
  8. Save all rows : Click on this button to save all the row definition.

How to add fields in tables and use those fields in document?