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Previously this item comes under Report > Export Responses option.

View the response of the participants for the survey with its scores.

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  1. View Responses List

  1. Why Participants are not shown in view responses page?

  1. View Responses Participants

  1. View Responses for survey

View Responses List


  1. Search : Search using survey name.

  2. Participants : Click on participant button to select the participant responses.

View Responses Participants


  1. Search : Enter participant name to search.

  2. View : Click on view icon to see the responses of the participant for the survey.

  3. Calculate : Click on calculate icon to calculate the scores of the survey for the participant. (only applied to Probench version 1) What is my Probench version?

  4. Status : Shows the status of the responses that are submitted by the participant or not.

View Responses for survey


  1. only responded or scored : Click on this link to filter the survey to see only the responded or scored rows.

  2. Depth : Select the depth or level of the questions to see it.

  3. Exclude : Select the option from the dropdown list to exclude it from the table.

S : Describes Section in the survey.
Q : Describes Question in the survey.
A : Describes Answer in the survey (only applied to Probench version 1).

What is my Probench version?

  1. Toggle : Tick the checkboxes to exclude some items from the survey table.

First Checkbox : Hides the responses column.
Second Checkbox: Hides the rows where score is not given.
Third Checkbox : Hides the Comment column.

Why Participants are not shown in view responses page?

If the participants are not responded for any questions then they will not be seen in responses page. It is done by end user by attempting survey and provides responses for questions.