Send Reminders

Previously this item comes under Administrator > User Reminder option.

Reminder button is used to send email to all users who have submitted or unsubmitted survey or who have not started survey etc.This option will be available on SURVEY page.It will send email to all registered users of specified companies, if user’s are not registerd of particular company then email will be send to Primary_contact_email address. On clicking on Reminder button, u will be redirected to reminder page as below screen.


  1. Survey : Select the survey for which companies reminder email should be send.

  2. ID : This field holds the ID of the survey.

  3. Reminder Template : Select the template on which reminder email should be send for that survey.

  4. Add Reminder Template : Will take the user to add notes Page (in which we will add template) under ‘survey_reminder’ group.

  5. Edit Reminder Template : Will update the reminder template.

  6. Send CategoriesThere are different categories for which we will send reminder email to users.Categories like < = 25% Completed Survey , < = 50% Completed Survey, < = 75% Completed Survey, > 75% Completed Survey,

    Submitted Survey,Not Started Survey,Unsubmitted Survey,No Registered Users,Everyone.

  7. Verify : By clicking Verify button, it will list all users for specific categories to which reminder email should be send.Also Send button will be visible.


Send : By clicking Send button, it will send email to all listed users in table.