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  1. Why so many FAQ?

  1. What is Probench?

  1. How do I get access to probench?

  1. What is my Probench version?



  1. How to copy a question from one template to another?

  1. Why is my survey not visible to participants?

  1. Different tabs in template page

  1. Why don’t I get email when participant submit a survey?

  1. When to use Save Changes option?

  1. Why few participants cannot see a survey?

  1. What are the implications of change in questions for current year cycle?

  1. Why do I see additional, different or less fields compared to the above screen capture?

  2. Logging in as another user?

  3. Why do participants have a “Display name” and an “Internal name”?

  4. Why a participant is not visible in list or on search?



  1. How to copy an existing dataset?

  1. Why generate all feedback report is not generating feedback reports?

  1. When I copy a dataset and generate, returns blank dataset?

  1. Why do I see empty list, when I view feedback reports?

  1. Why my reports does not reflect the recent modifications made to the responses and scores

  1. Why I don’t find feedback report of a participant?

  1. When I copy a dataset and generate, it gives me error?

Why so many FAQ?

You may ask why there are so many FAQ. We believe that the platform should be made with multiple moving blocks so that user can use their creativity and imagination to make the platform more usable. The inspiration here is from the LEGO blocks. Hence different functions in the platform needs to be linked together. So there could be an glitch while connecting the dots, like using a 6 dot Lego block instead of 4 dot block. There is no worries if such incidents happens it could be fixed with re-linking or re-configuration of your template, survey, scores, reports or brochure.

How do I get access to probench?

Contact us @

What is my Probench version?

You can find about your Probench version on your Probench Manager under left menu. Currenlty we have three version of Probench Manager. The version numbers are 1,3 and 4.(clients with version 2 have moved to version 4) We will keep updating version 4 so there will not be version 5. These 3 different version have mostly same feature, the difference is only the way in which they work techinically. So in order to work the manager needs to behave little differently.