Full Process of Creating Survey and generating report

Step 1 : Login to Probench tool and go to Prepare -> Template and Click on “+” Sign to create new template.


Step 2 : Name the template(eg :. New Template) and add questions in the template (follow link to add questions: http://help.reportingframework.com/Prepare/templates.html#adding-different-question ) and click on Save changes button on top.


Step 3 : After saving template it will show success message.


Step 4 : Now go to Engage -> Surveys and click on “+” icon to create new survey.


Step 5 : Add details for survey(explanation : http://help.reportingframework.com/Engage/surveys.html#surveys ). Select created template in Template dropdown and click on create button.


Step 6 : Go to Engage -> Participants page and click on “+” icon to create a participant.(Explanation : http://help.reportingframework.com/Engage/participants.html#participants ).


Step 7 : Fill the details of the participants and click on create button.(Explanation : http://help.reportingframework.com/Engage/participants.html#add-participant ).


Step 8 : Now click on login as button( ) to go to survey page.


Step 9 : Now click on survey link which has been created (eg .: New Survey).


Step 10 : Now overview page will be seen. Click on link to visit pages where response will be given to questions should be saved.


Step 11 : Now response to the survey and click on save button to save data.


Step 12 : Now click on “manager” in top menu bar, after response is given.


Step 13 : Go to Analyze -> Your Datasets and click on “+” icon to create a dataset for created survey.


Step 14 : Now fill details in “Dataset Details” page and select survey by clicking on “Change Criteria” and click on create button.


Step 15 : Now click on “Add survey responses/scores” tab and in that select survey and check the nodes for which you want data and click on “Add selected responses”.


Step 16 : After response fields are added go to “Fields Details” tab and see the added fields with formulas. Click on “Advanced Editor” button.


Step 17 : Here fields and formulas are written in text file format. Click on “Update” button to update field and formulas. Here on top add a field like ***SURVEY_ID=”copy the id of survey as (5dc290f0-512e-48c8-b996-5f636b80719d)”


Step 18 : After update of fields are done, page will be redirected to “Dataset Details” page. Click on “Generate” button to get data for all participants.


Step 19 : After dataset is generated click on “CSV”, “XLS”, “VIEW” or “XML” to view response of participants. Eg.: clicked on view to see data in html format.


Step 20 : Now Open a word file and add some fields.


Step 21 : To get data of participants in that word file follow below steps. - Click on Developer tab in word

  • In Control section select “Plain Text Content Control” to add in front of fields.

  • Select “Click here to enter text” and click on properties in controls section.

  • Now add the field name from dataset for which data will be shown in word file and click on ok. Like this all other fields.


Step 22 : After all fields has been created save the word file.


Step 23 : Go to Report -> Feedback Report and click on “+” icon to create new feedback report.


Step 24 : Now enter title of report and select the dataset from dropdown which has been created. Now click on Create button to create feedback report.(Explanation : http://help.reportingframework.com/Brochures/your_brochures.html#your-brochures )


Step 25 : After Feedback report is created click on “+” icon of “ Word document “template” ” to add word file in which data will be shown.


Step 26 : Now browse and upload the word file and check “Visible to users”. Click on create button.


Step 27 : After word file is uploaded it will redirect to feedback report edit page. Now click on View the feedback reports icon( ).


Step 28 : It will show the list of all participants who has responded to the survey. To get latest response or newly responded participants generate the dataset which is being used in this feedback report. Click on View feedback report icon( ).


Step 29 : Now click on generate feedback report to generate report. After report is generated it will be seen like below image. To download report click on “New Participant.docx” file.


Step 30 : Open downloaded word file and see the report.