Probench is the outcome of our long running relationship with the organizations that currently use our system. It was designed from the beginning to place tools in the hands of the teams who run the surveys.

The breadth of functionality is a direct result in responding to the demanding requirements of our clients. Probench thus covers the full reporting cycle:

  1. Create the questionnaire, associated documentation

  2. Specify eligible participants, segment as necessary

  3. Conduct the questionnaires, securely and reliably

  4. Store data in one, properly normalized, data store

  5. Extract, analyses and manipulate the data using internal reporting tools

  6. Optionally export the data for use by third-party applications and services

  7. Design a reporting (brochure) template to present back to the participants

  8. Automatically generate a unique reporting document for each participant, with charts, text, responses and scores

  9. Next round, return to step 1!