Release Notes


  1. Release Notes for 16th August 2016

  1. Release Notes for 2nd September 2016

  1. Release Notes for 26th September 2016

  1. Release Notes for 28th October 2016

  1. Release Notes for 06th April 2017

  1. Release Notes for 30th July 2017

  1. Release Notes for 29th September 2017

Release Notes for 16th August 2016

New Features

  1. Added functionality to log all the Manager activities like Add, Update, Delete, View, Generate, Generate_All, Lock etc.

  2. New screen added Administer -> Activity Timeline. Details about this page is mentioned here Activity Log

Bugs Fixed

  1. Inline text nodes in Template Manager was not working and it was also not getting displayed as a rich text editor with various editing options.

  2. Brochure cloning functionality on Brochure List page was not cloning/copying the brochures.

Release Notes for 2nd September 2016

New Features

  1. CSV or XLS files downloaded after generating the Custom report now has the name of the report as its filename so that users know a particular file is associated with which report.

  2. There is a help link available on header of every page which will take the user to the page specific Help documentation. Suppose you are visiting, Reports –> Your Report and if you use the help link on the header then it will take you to dataset List

  1. Problem statement: There was an issue most of the users faced while working on Custom reports while using Adding Survey Responses/Scores. For this functionality when the user selected the nodes and clicked on either Add selected response or Add select scores the formula that was added as a field had a third parameter with <Template_Id>. Now this created problems for users when the report was copied for the next survey cycle or for some other survey running in parallel. Formula comes as follows

RESPONSE("1A. Company Data:", "cef607ab71704abea7e81dc8b86bb186", "e35fabbb-d7da-46f5-87c2-b993b3a06c1d")

Implemented solution: Now instead of adding the <Template_Id> it will now have a field name SURVEY_ID for which a new field will have to be created at the start of the report. So after this solution the formula will be formed as follows

RESPONSE("1A. Company Data:", "cef607ab71704abea7e81dc8b86bb186", SURVEY_ID)

As mentioned above there will be a new field added at the start of every report and it will have the unique if of the survey which you can get using the ID field on Edit Survey based on which survey you would like to use in the report.

  1. Add Show Question Type option for Export Responses screen. Please refer to point 7 on Export Response files.

  2. On the Template Manager page when users create delete a new question there was a button visible on the top “Rebuild Tree”. As the name of the button was too confusing and not intuitive we have changes the same of the button to Save Changes so that users understand the need to click the button.

Bugs Fixed

  1. When user tries locking a custom report using Lock button on Edit dataset page “Add survey responses/scores to the report” button was still visible which shouldn’t be the case. Now this button will also be hidden when a report is locked.

  2. When the user clicked on the Delete button on any screen the screen was refreshing and again focusing on the top of the screen, now we have managed the scroll for the screen so that the user will see the Are you sure you want to delete button.

Release Notes for 26th September 2016

New Features

  1. Added Popover help for each field on Dataset Manager page as displayed below:

  1. Added Popover help for each field on Manage Surveys page as displayed below:

  1. Introduced Add/Edit functionality on the Logins page where the Participant/Company to which the user is associated with is selected. This functionality is introduced so that while creating a login if an administrator wants to create a new participant/company or want to edit any existing details of the participant/company they can click on the Add/Edit button against the dropdown directly. The icon added is displayed below:

  1. Added Send Activation Email feature on Logins which will allow an administrator to send a direct email to the user when they are activated. Refer point 8 on Edit Login. The field added is display below:


For more details visit How to use Send Activation Email?

  1. Changed the position where the error message on the report was displayed. Visit Error on generating

Release Notes for 28th October 2016

  1. Added Participant Fields item in Prepare from which manager can add multiple additional fields for Manage Participants. To see how it works refer Participant Fields. This will enable you to create participant specific fields without any help of 73bit team. Thus Enabling you to use those fields in custom reports and brochures.

  2. Participant field report function by name. Earlier the function was PARTICIPANT_FIELD(field_index). Thus making it difficult to remember the index for each field. Now we have added field code, so the new function is PARTICIPANT_FIELD(field_code). The code is in text and can be found from List of Participant Fields.


The existing participant field will work as it was working previously in custom reports.

  1. Improved search functionality across list pages. When you put multiple words in search it brings results matching each word. Thus increasing your search results.


In the above screen capture the result fetch record matching word micro also record matching word craft.

  1. Downloading responses from Export Responses page with their file name as survey name in both format CSV and XLS.(Earlier the name was same for all the downloads, making it difficult to identify the file.)

  2. Showing latest 5 visited reports, brochures and login as participant in dashboard. This will make easy access to recent working links.


To view recent visited pages go to Home > Dashboard in menubar as highlighted in the side menubar.

  1. Updated documentation of Manage Templates for Logic Condition and Different tabs.

Release Notes for 06th April 2017

  1. Changed the sidebar menu of probench. Changes made in Report Section and divided into 2 parts named Analyze and Report. “Analyze” contains Your Reports and View Responses. “Report” contains Feedback Report, Export Responses and Template Scores

  2. Also changed the old “Report” menu items name from Your Reports to Your Dataset and Your brochures to Feedback Reports.

  3. Below link and image will explain in detail.

Report Menu

  1. Dataset layout has also been changed. Added 3 tabs in report edit page. Report Page Layout

    1. Dataset details

    2. Add survey responses/scores

    3. Fields Details

  2. Moved Advanced editor button at the top of the dataset edit page.


Release Notes for 30th July 2017

  1. Added Folder view in dataset list page

    Added new functionality in Dataset list page, to sort datasets using the folder. Added a field in dataset edit page as Group in which folder name is defined.

    Please visit the link for more information. dataset Folder .

Release Notes for 29th September 2017

  1. Changed the dataset page for displaying and selecting node list for scores and responses.

  2. Added feature like:

    • Displaying nodes list in hirearchical tree format with expand and collapse functionality.

    • Added radio buttons for “Children” selection. “All” will be used to select all child nodes if it’s parent is selected. “None” will be used to select single node.

    ../_images/Child_All.png ../_images/Child_None.png
    • Added Question type filter dropdown. It will show the question type which has been selected in dropdown and their child nodes.

    • Improved seacrh functionality to dynamically search the text in nodes and will sort the highlight the searched nodes.

  3. Share Page functionality.

    This functionality will allow users to create temporary users who can response to the surveys. It also allows users to give access for particular pages to share users.

    This link will give brief explanation and processing of share page functionality. Share Page Functioning .