Functional Terminology

Particpant: These are the company who are participating in your index. There is a participants page to maintain them, In general multiple particpants participate for an Index or Survey.

Logins: These are the real users who are linked to a participant. They are the respresentative who respond to a survey on behalf of participants.

Templates: It is the set of questionnaire structure which is used in a survey. It consist of multiple pages, multiple fields and conditions. You can link one particular template to multiple survey. You can copy a template, usually used for copying survey from previous year.

Field: The fundamental unit of every survey is a field and it determines what kind of data can be collected by your questions. In addition to your standard fields (text, number, multiple choice, drop down and checkboxes), Probench provides premade structures of custom datatype like table structures or other complex combinations. It is also used in reports, where each output (flat or computated) is called as field.

Regions: It is a logical grouping, which inturn helps in linking participants with surveys. Thus helping in running multiple surveys for diffrent participants, including a participant enrolled in 2 surveys.

Administrators: These are the representatives of organization who conduct the Index/Survey. They will be managing the surveys, templates, reports and brochures. In short they are the clients of Probench, who use probench as a platform to conduct multiple surveys for 100 to 1000 participants across globe.

Survey: Refers to the questionnaire created using the template manager.

Template Manager: This is the references to the page Prepare –> Templates.

Survey Frontend : Part of the probench that is displayed to the platform’s end users/logins.

Technical Terminology

Live Server: It is the actual Server where we run the platform. So when the user enters the url for the platform it is available on thier browsers. The primary users for this platform are participants and team (our clients) administrating/running the surveys.

Development team (73BIT) are advised not to make any changes or modification on this platform, since the data available here is live data. However we have a ” *73BIT Test Company” to do any checkings in case we find an issue/bug in the platform.

Stage Server: This is almost a replica of the Live Server in terms of functionality. However the data is not replciated (or partly replicated in case to test few scenarios). The purpose of this Server to performance testing/verification with out effecting the live data or bringing the Live Server down. This gives a good playground to experiment with the new feature and make sure it works as expected.

So as a part of software development process what we(73BIT) do is make the new changes available in Stage Server. So our clients can test/verify the changes before it is made available to actual participants. If there are issues found we fix them in Stage Server first. Once everyone is happy we will move all new changes to Live Server. Thus making sure to its best that Live Server is always up and running.

In case some terms are not mentioned here and you have doubts please do not hesitate to drop an email to support@73bit.com